Fire Watch & Gear Donated by Honor in Blue Watch Company

My name is Tracy Knight, My Brother-in-law has been the Volunteer Fire Chief of Boothville Fire Dept. in Fairmont WV for 42 years (with the Dept) He recently has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given no more than 12 months survival. 3 weeks ago his wife had difficulty walking only to find out she is full of cancer and only has a short period of time. There is an elimination dinner planned to help with expenses and I am asking for a watch donation (fire) seeing the dinner is sold out to all the local Fire Depts in a 3 county area. If you could help me out it would be much appreciated. His name is Raymond Knight. Thank you so much.
Thank you Raymond for 42 years! We don’t know another single person that deserves this award more than you.


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