Our Police Valor Watch

Police Valor Watch

The Story of our Police Valor Watch

Valor is defined as great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.  It is in these situations in life, in policework, in all things that Valor is lived.  For some live with great valor.  They face what confronts them with honor, dignity, the spirit of a warrior and they comfort others while embracing their destiny.  Their destiny might not be fair.  In the case of a police officer who dies well before their time whether in the line of duty or in some other tragic way, it is the way they lived that matters.  There are stories from all over the country about our heroes who lived with great valor and lost their battles well before their time should have been up...here on earth.  But in the spirit of remembering all those who we have lost, we instead honor their bravery in remembering their service to our communities and our country.  

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