Sunglasses on the rise at Honor in Blue

Honor in Blue Sunglasses

The official launch of Honor in Blue Sunglasses is really two years in the making.  The company spent two years getting it right.  Two years ago Honor in Blue launched its own sunglass line focused on first responders.  Entering a crowded field isn't always good for a company trying to compete with the big boys of sunglasses.  But Honor in Blue felt that if it offered quality, polarized sunglasses with incredible optics, it would be successful offering its premium sunglasses to its large customer base of watch buyers.  The first year Honor in Blue focused on getting out the brand of sunglasses to the field by offering their sunglasses at an extreme discount to get them in the hands of customers who would put them to good use. After tweaking with several things at the factory, Honor in Blue built on this in the 2nd year in 2018 by giving away over 5,000 pairs of sunglasses to their customers in order to get some honest feedback on what the customers liked and didn't like.  The results were very positive.  Over 72% of those customers who responded said that they loved Honor in Blue Sunglasses because they had a superior view compared to their current sunglass brand.  Over 88% of the customers loved the 'lightness' of the frames.  Over and over again customers loved the optics of the sunglasses.  

Honor in Blue Sunglasses were fully born.  In 2019 over twenty models of sunglasses have been launched with the sunglasses now selling out very quickly.  Take a good look at Honor in Blue Sunglasses.  You will never buy anything else.

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