The Story of our Honor America Quartz Watch

The Story of our Honor America Quartz Watch

Deep within our country the spirit of the red, white & blue runs through each and every one of us and our hopes for all that is good about the United States of America.  Heroes defend our freedoms, First Responders keep us safe and we lean on each other in times of need.  That is the America we honor.  That is the America that was the inspiration behind our Honor America Quartz Watch.  We wanted to honor the red, white & blue.  We began with a nylon cloth red, white & blue band that brings back the feel of years ago.  The simple design and styling of the watch face makes this popular timepiece continue to look sharp each and every time you wear it.  The red, white & blue continues straight through the face of the watch to symbolize the values that run straight through America.

This fine timepiece will become the center of conversation when you wear it, as person after person will ask you where you got such a cool and inspiring watch.  Honor America by wearing our Honor America Quartz Watch.

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