The Story of the Blue Line Quartz Watch

The Story of the Blue Line Quartz Watch

The Blue Line runs deep within the hearts of every law enforcement officer in our great country.  The spirit of the sacrifice, the hope of a better world, the brotherhood & sisterhood of a close knit community of those who bring honor to the profession by their ethics, their belief in what is right and wrong and ultimately the hole that fills their guts when one of our own is lost and falls.  It is at that precise moment that law enforcement officers defend the Blue Line.  The Blue Line makes the world a better place, a safer place and those who answer the call to wear their badges with pride, honor and valor - are precisely why we made this fine timepiece we call the Blue Line Quartz Watch.  That is the Blue Line we honor.  We are inspired by the Blue Line.  

We began with a nylon cloth Blue Line band that solidifies the validity of the watch. The simple design and styling of the watch face makes this popular timepiece continue to look sharp each and every time you wear it.  The Blue Line continues straight through the face of the watch to symbolize the values that run straight through the law enforcement community.  This watch will become the center of conversation when you wear it, as person after person will ask you where you got such a cool and inspiring watch.  Be ready to tell the story about what the Blue Line means to you.  Honor our profession by wearing our BlueLine Quartz Watch.

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