MTA Police Captain

MTA Police Captain
JOB ID: 97565
SALARY: $156,429 (salary non-negotiable)
DEPT/DIV: MTA Police Department
SUPERVISOR: Deputy Inspector or above
LOCATION: Various (locations within the MTA service area)
HOURS OF WORK: 10 Hour shifts, 4 days a week with 3 consecutive rest days.
DEADLINE: August 8, 2021

This position is represented by COA and is subject to a one- year probationary period*

To supervise, coordinate and review a designated shift and/or staff of uniform personnel and, in some cases support staff, in various commands or districts in a specific geographical or functional area of responsibility. The captain is accountable for all matters relating to their assigned district of operations, including but not limited to security, emergency calls, investigations, crowd control, and assistance as may be required by a police presence in order to assure the safe and effective transportation of our customers and employees.

• The position of Captain will supervise, direct and oversee all Police operations within their assigned area. The Captain will be accountable to ensure that the staff is fully trained in all laws and amendments to those laws that exist in the geographic District or service area they are assigned to.
• The Police Captain will (depending on assignment) assign and review work of office service support staff including security, and other routine law enforcement support activities.
• The Police Captain will be accountable to respond to major incidents and emergencies on a 24 hour / seven-day basis.
• The incumbent will schedule, prepare and may instruct departmental training sessions.
• The Police Captain will interpret regulations, ordinances, laws and codes for their staff.
• The incumbents will develop, evaluate and review strategies tailored to the District to reduce crime and limit confusion at the same time striving to increase customer and employee sense of security.
• The incumbents will develop a close working contact with the police forces of the State, City, and local town police departments within our service area, and the management of the MTA Agencies to implement coordinated action plans with them to address potential and actual criminal activity and coordinated emergency / disaster responses.
• The Police Captains will maintain close working relationships with key community officials in the area served, to establish a relationship of trust and understanding with the community and to increase sensitivity to local issues.
• The Police Captains will assure that the policies and objectives of the Chief of Police are clearly understood and followed by the District command and uniformed staff. The Captains will keep their immediate supervisors fully aware of any and all issues in the field that may impact the Department. The Captains will also as MTA employees be familiar with the policies and procedures of the MTA and will be accountable to same.
• The Police Captains will perform any and all related police duties as assigned to maintain an effective and professional police force.

• Internal applicants must currently hold the rank of Lieutenant to apply with a minimum of six (6) months of experience. * The one (1) year probationary period is waived for internal applicants with more than one (1) year experience in the position of Lieutenant at the time of appointment.
• External Applicants must have a minimum of one (1) year of experience in the sworn position of Lieutenant. External applicants will qualify only if their sworn experience is from a NYS DCJS Certified Police Department.
• A Bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement or a related area (or equivalent years of sworn law enforcement experience)
• Flexibility to work various tours as well as different work locations based on the need of the Department
• Incumbents need to have a proven thorough knowledge and understanding of principles of police and court administration, court rulings and ability to apply this knowledge to police and civil operations within their district.
• Knowledge of standard operating procedures of the MNR, LIRR and Transit operations preferred.
• Should have a basic understanding of police computer systems.
• Knowledge of NYS and Conn. Penal Law, Criminal Procedure, Family Court, Vehicle and Traffic Laws, Railroad Law, and local, counties, town and village ordinances of the district to which they work.
• Must possess strong communication skills.

Other Information
Applicants who meet the above listed qualifications may be considered for additional steps in the process to include participation in a panel interview. Applicants are not guaranteed appointment to the rank of Police Captain, even if they meet each of the above qualifications.

How to Apply
Qualified individuals interested in MTA Headquarters employment opportunities must apply through the online application and recruitment system. Please visit our website at

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job ID: 97565
MTA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.