Memorial Day Weekend Tribute

Memorial Day Tribute 2018 -

Memorial Day Weekend Tribute

2018 Memorial Day Weekend Tribute

Freedom isn't free.  You would swear that some people in America are forgetting this if you were to take a look around in 2018.  We have forgotten the sacrifices of so many. As a nation we have become a bickering bunch of complainers.  Everyone is offended that our nation's sacred institutions, customs and laws offend them in some small way.  We are offended by everything.  We write our own 'new' definitions of what it means to properly honor our flag.   

We have become a country divided by the extreme positions of those on the far right and the far left.  We have let a small percentage of people use hot button issues to poke at the rest of us.  They use smoke to call for fire.  They use words and twist meanings of words in order to divide us, while the majority of the country looks to unite.  We have come to a point where we are told that because some one is a member of a certain party, everything they say is tainted.  We are even told that they are 'no good' and not American.  We listen to countless disrespect at our nation's leaders whether Democrat or Republican.  We listen to people bash our last President and our current President when these leaders deserve our respect.  We are not remembering the lessons of the past.  Throw out all the information age of the internet and social media where you can instantly find a view from any where and just resend it without regard to whether we hurt our fellow Americans or not.  We should listen and remember history and its figures.  We have much ground to gain in simple decorum.  We must remember how to act like adults.  We must remember that just because someone else has a different view doesn't mean they are stupid, wrong, not American, and worth our respect.  We must respect all and their views.  That's the America I remember.  That's the America my parents told me existed.  That's the America my parents told me to honor.  That's the America my school teachers painted for me.  That's the America I read about from Journalists growing up.  That's the America my wife and I are teaching to our children. 

Where is the America of the past?  Were we too busy with our heads down, plowing away creating a better life that we missed things in front of us?  Did we not remember the wars of the past, the sacrifices to get there, the sacrifices of so many lives of Americans, the fields of battle where we fought for our nation, the ideals and respect of country that grew out of it?  Did we lose it somewhere in the constant stupid affinity of our phones where communication is so easy but never really accomplished.  Did we lose it in the texting, emailing, messaging or constant need to get instant gratification?  Did we forget that people like my Grandfather fought in World War One?  Did we forget that people like my uncles, father in law, and many people I know and don't know served this country with a stint in the Armed Forces?  Did we forget the sacrifice?  Did we forget how that service interrupted our sacred family lives in many ways?  Did we forget how that service forged a sense of good, a sense of community and sense in the common sharing of keeping America Safe?  It wasn't a Democrat Movement or a Republican Movement, rather it was an American Movement.  

Frankly I don't care whether my family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other fellow citizens subscribe to Democratic or Republican views or neither.  I do care that they hold sacred the values and spirit of America and are good people.  I want to see more American Flags outside homes.  I want to see more people wearing the Red, White and Blue.  I want to see more people getting involved in building the American Spirit, rather than tearing it down.  We are seeing way too much of that.  We are not seeing the compromise that is needed to carry America forward.  We are seeing a trench war of ideals where the ideals are not held by the majority of Americans.  We need to stop talking so much and begin to listen again.  We need to stop watching twenty four hour networks built on dividing us using the name of reporting the news as a cover to spread what's wrong in America for the advancement of issues that they value.  Instead we need to spread what's right in America.  We do need to dig deep to fix the social injustices that are present and find a better way to make sure America moves foward with all of its people, not a few, or some, or many but all its people.  This is the America we need, this the America we deserve.  This is the America that our nation's military fought so glorious for and the America that our current military protects.

So this weekend while you are grabbing a hotdog or hamburger, make sure you do your part.  While spreading the mustard and ketchup begin to spread the positive, not the negative.  Are you part of the problem, or are you part of the solution?  Spread the word that respect is American and Americans deserve your respect.  Say a quick prayer for those who need help.  Reach your arm for them and carry them to a better place.  Reach out to those in need and give them your love and support.  Let them find the help in America they need to move forward.  And please do say a prayer for all the servicemen and servicewomen who so couragely honor our country with their service.  They protect us.  They are there for us.  They are our Heroes.  My wife JoAnn, our children and I wish you a very happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend.  God Bless the United States of America.



Brian T Deegan
Chief Executive Officer
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