Year End Message from Honor in Blue's Chief Executive Officer

2017 Year End Message from Honor in Blue's CEO Brian T. Deegan -

Year End Message from Honor in Blue's Chief Executive Officer

2017 Year End Message from Honor in Blue's Chief Executive Officer

As the final days trickle away in 2017 there is much to report on our mission and progress at Honor in Blue.  We accomplished a lot in 2017 and there is much road ahead in 2018 and beyond.  We have increased web traffic to over 2.8 million visitors per month.  We opened our third factory (two for watch production and one for sunglass production).  Our company partnered with Lake Shirts in Minnesota to produce our clothing line.  We partnered with Prepgear in California to produce our hat line.  Honor in Blue now ships from two facilities in Northern New Jersey and maintains a corporate office in Northern New Jersey as well.  We continue to add team members to our operation with many more job opportunities in 2018.    

We have been invited to participate in each of the upcoming law enforcement expositions including the National Sheriff's Association, Fraternal Order of Police and a host of other conferences involving police and fire in the United States and beyond.  Our company has begun shipping our products to Canada and Italy with over twenty additional countries to be added next week on January 2nd.  We are making great progress towards helping Concerns of Police Survivors and Fallen Firefighter Foundation fund their missions.  We believe that 2018 provides us with much more opportunities for growth with our product line.  We continue to support Fraternal Order of Police Lodges through out the United States.  

I have met with members of the major logistics companies and we have chosen DHL International and FedEx to move our product line to countries beyond our borders in the United States.  Our product line has become popular in several countries beyond the United States.  We continue to utilize DHL to move shipments within the United States.  Over ninety percent of our individual orders are shipped with the help of the United States Postal Service.  

There is much more work ahead.  I call on you to keep spreading the word about Honor in Blue and Honor in Red.  I am optimistic that we are reaching each and every state in the United States.  I have seen the great reception for our products while traveling to several states.  I am reminded by what our mission is all about after a recent trip in November to Rochester, New York and the Buffalo Area.  I was amazed at the reception we received and was happy to see our product line proudly displayed by the area's law enforcement.  Perhaps nothing makes me prouder than to see one of our largest areas of growth.  The growth in sales to non members of law enforcement and fire who are devoted supporters of the Blue and Red.  We observed this over this holiday as groups and individuals from around the country purchased our product line as gifts for their local police and fire departments.  

So as the year comes to an end, we at Honor in Blue wish each and every one of you a very safe and happy new year.  For those of you on duty - stay safe and for those not currently serving - please do us a favor.  Please say thank you to a police officer, firefighter or member of EMS for what they do for us each and every day. 

As the leader of Honor in Blue - I love getting up each day advancing our mission to give back to these brave men and women.  And to the staff of Honor in Blue - Thank you for what you do each and every day.  We are truly making a difference.  And our journey has many miles ahead.  I am glad to be traveling those miles with you.

God Bless you, our police officers, firefighters, members of EMS and our Great Country.

Brian T. Deegan
Chief Executive Officer
Honor in Blue