Gold Police Watch

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Gold Police Watch

The Story of the Gold Police Watch

Although our Blue Police Watch started it all for the Honor in Blue Watch Company, our Gold Police Watch was an addition shortly after for those officers, mainly Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, Deputy Chiefs and Chiefs, wanted a watch to recognize the gold color of being a superior officer.  The Gold Police Watch recognizes the leadership of a supervisory position within law enforcement.  Our Gold Police Watch has become a great watch to give as a gift to those who attain ranks within a department.  Thousands of Police Agencies around the country now give the Gold Police Watch as a gift to officers who achieve rank within a police department.  Hundreds of superior officer associations order the Gold Police Watch for their members.

So whether you're a supervisory officer or just someone who loves the gold color of this police watch - get the Gold Police Watch today.

The Specs


    • Super Shock Watch
    • Double Time
    • Alarm
    • 30M waterproof
    • Chrono
    • Date
    • EL Light
    • Interor Watch Face is 40mm - Total Exterior Face is 50mm
    • Total Watch Length is 9 1/2 inches
    • Watch Thickness is 15mm
    • Band Width is 20mm
    • Manufactured by Honor in Blue Watch Company
    • 5 year warranty