About Honor in Blue

Honor in Blue Watch Company began in 2017 as a company devoted to First Responders and Military Personnel. Our products went viral and we donated thousands and thousands of watches and sunglasses to frontline First Responders and Military Personnel. We added a Sunglass and Clothing Company to Honor in Blue as it rapidly expanded worldwide. Our products were soon seen worn by all people around the world. 

Fast forward to Covid 19 and we had to shut our overseas operation down due to supply chain issues. By late 2020 we completely shut Honor in Blue Watch Company including the Clothing Company and Sunglass Company.  In early 2022 a team of professionals, led by our founder, reopened Honor in Blue to focus solely on customers within the USA and Canada. Although we did not bring back the popular clothing company, we have begun making quality watches and sunglasses - although we have purposely limited the amount of products for both sunglasses and watches. All of our items ship directly from our factories to you while some items ship from our fulfillment centers.

We know the world has changed and we have too. Be assured that we stand ready to please you, our customer, with our products. You will be 100% happy with your Honor in Blue watch or pair of sunglasses - or we will make it right.

We are based in New Jersey, Las Vegas - Nevada and Orlando - Florida and most of our sales and support team works remotely from places all around the US.

A big thank you to our customers. We're back and better than ever. 

Please reach out with any questions you may have. We thank you for your business and loyalty. 

The Team at Honor in Blue.

Honor in Blue is open Monday thru Friday from 10am ET until 4pm ET. We are not open on Saturday and Sundays. If you reach out to us - please allow 24-72 hours for us to respond to you depending upon when you leave your message.