About Honor in Blue Watch Company

Honor in Blue Watch Company was started in 2017 by an entrepreneur who built a watch company that focused on First Responders.  After giving back to many first responder organizations and making an impact with the company giving, Covid 19 disrupted its supply chain and management decided to close Honor in Blue Watch Company and manufacturing in November 2020.

In March 2021 Honor in Blue Watch Company was re-opened again in the USA focusing on unique brands of military style watches from around the world marketed and manufactured by companies looking to private label their watches for worldwide distribution.  Today, Honor in Blue Watch Company delivers high quality watches for affordable prices by partnering with established brands who either have weak distribution in the USA or produce their watches under private labels to establish new customer regions and brand names. 

We know you will love your watch. We are currently working with the following brand names.

Featured Brands

X-GEAR Watches are designed and manufactured in Hong Kong by an established worldwide company with Japanese Movements and styles that will captivate your attention.  You will love wearing your X-GEAR Watch.  

Interested in Partnering with Honor in Blue

Customers, Manufacturers & Organizations are welcome to reach out to us to explore partnerships that make sense.  Contact us today.