How Long To Make a Watch?

Honor in Blue Watch Company - Our Process

Here's our watch making process.

  1. Production
  2. Assembly
  3. Testing
  4. Quality Control
  5. Watch Gets Boxed
  6. Watch Moves to Shipping
  7. You Receive your USPS Tracking Number
  8. Shipped via USPS to You
  9. You have your new watch 

The process takes about 10 business days to get to you (Process improving after Covid19 Pandemic effects - We will be moving to a strong inventory position shortly and will be shipping next day).  We are not open on Saturday and Sunday.  We ship from New Jersey, USA.  (June 23, 2020 Update - Production is ramping up at our factory and we will be caught up shortly and we will be moving to an inventory stocked position with most styles by the end of June - Long Delayed Orders have been shipping in larger amounts daily.  We hope to be shipping items next day shortly.)

Questions?  Email our Customer Service at 

We know you will love your Honor in Blue Watch.