Our Watches Honor Police, Fire & EMS

Our Mission & Watches

Our Mission

Honor in Blue donates to police charities and fire charities.  We also donate watches to police and fire charities.  We also donate watches and products directly to First Responders.  First Responder Departments & Organizations interested in being considered for donations and support should contact Honor in Blue Watch Company via Facebook Messenger.

We are a major supporter and donor to Concerns of Police Survivors and are authorized to display their logo on our website.  

Honor in Blue is a for profit business and not a 501(c)(3) business.

Our New Process - Updated April of 2020

Success is a good thing and a bad thing.  We were caught off guard in 2017 when Honor in Blue Watch Company expanded its operation.  The outpouring and number of orders placed by First Responders was amazing.  Our company quickly went viral on all social media channels.  We could not keep up with the pace.  We quickly hired additional staff and changed our operations four different times to respond to the demand.  We expanded products however our customer service response suffered from the demand.  We beefed up technology only to find that people change customer service for the good and technology can help but is not always the answer.  We learned.  Oh Boy did we learn.  

The Covid19 Pandemic, which began in Wuhan China, impacted our business as supply chains from our manufacturing facilities were slowed to a halt.  This happened directly at a time when our new smartwatches were gaining large popularity.  Response times and shipping times suffered.  Honor in Blue Watch Company made changes in late January 2020 that would ultimately change our business and redirect our efforts at new frontiers for the future.

Here's what did.  We went back to our roots of honoring our First Responders. We stopped manufacturing hats, clothing and other merchandise.  We only make watches and select sunglasses for First Responders.

First, we began large scale donations again to First Responders to get watches into their hands.  Our timepieces' best evolution has always involved direct feedback from the men and women who wear our Honor in Blue Watches.  Second, we decreased the amount of designs and new models that we were rolling out to focus on what was working with our watches and what was not.  Our available watch models decreased for good.  Next, we stopped shipping our watches internationally to focus on our standing as the number worn watch brand of First Responders in the United States of America.  We were shipping watches to 78 countries around the globe.  We now ship only within the USA, UK, Australia & Canada.  Then, we re-organized our staff to focus more on you, the customer.  We recognized that you needed someone to keep you updated as your watch moved from production to testing to quality control to shipping and ultimately on its journey from New Jersey to your home.  We pride ourselves in your experience wearing our watches.  All watch customers, upon order, are assigned a Production Manager who will keep you personally updated on the progress of your watch.  Finally, we have dedicated two staff members to working with our group order customers around the country who outfit their entire staffs with our watches.  

It is our hope that these changes will help make your watch experience a truly amazing experience.  It is our mission to make you completely satisfied with our watches.  Stay Safe & Enjoy.

Our Products

Honor in Blue manufactures our watch parts in many different parts of the world.  Some of our watches are now designed and assembled in the USA.  Our company is based in New Jersey, USA. Our products are only available at HonorinBlue.com and from select retailers.