FireFighter Courage Watch

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FireFighter Courage Watch


The Story of the FireFighter Courage Watch

In the minds of every firefighter there is a thought that they might one day be called to make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in carrying out their duty.  Fire work is a dangerous profession whereby firefighters are put into situations that most people would run from.  It is in that very mindset that we created the FireFighter Courage Watch to honor the courage that firefighters must bring to the profession and their jobs day in and day out.  Courage is defined as the ability to do something that frightens a person and the strength in that moment to face the pain or grief that comes from that situation.  

We began the creation of the FireFighter Courage Watch with a durable shock style design which enables the officer to wear the watch while on duty or off duty.  It is the type of watch you can wear on duty, to the gym and out to dinner without having to change your watch style.  The band is made of PU - a durable form of plastic that responds very well to various elements and substances.  We designed the face of the watch to be smaller which enables both men and women to wear it with ease.  With a simple button design it is easy to set the watch and see all the information you need or want.  We created a red circle around the face to signify the courage that a firefighter and fellow firefighters must demonstrate during their careers.  A circle, by definition, is a simple closed curve that divides the plane into two regions:  the interior and the exterior.  We take that to mean that a firefighter must possess courage on the inside to operate daily and must display courage on the outside during events that occur.  Put all together, this watch is our FireFighter Courage Watch.  You'll love wearing it each day.

The Specs

  • Double Time
  • Alarm
  • 30M waterproof
  • Chrono
  • Date
  • EL Light
  • Dimensions - Measurement from top of the word FIRE to the bottom of the words HONOR IN RED - 2 inches
  • Face - 1 inch all the way around the red circle
  • Length - 9 inches from buckle to surface
  • Band Width - 1 Inch near face, 3/4 inches throughout
  • Manufactured by Honor in Blue Watch Company